MY MISSION IS SIMPLE. I want to represent YOU.  I've been an attorney since 1998 and in private practice for 17 years.  I thank all of my former clients for their referrals that make my practice a success. Representation is not about numbers; it's about individual results. The greatest compliment I receive is repeat customers.
MYTHS:  Neighbors make bad attorneys.  Jailhouse lawyers are the worst!!   Just as I don't seek medical advice at the local grocer, you should only seek advice from an attorney who is experienced in a certain area of law.  

THREE TIMES MEDICAL:. Each personal injury case is different.  There is no instant calculation to determine the value of your case.  Insurance companies pay differently.  Unseen injuries are sometimes more valuable than injuries that are readily visible, i.e, herniated disc v. visible bruises.

THE "I KNOW THE JUDGE" LAWYERS: Rarely and what if he does? Do you actually believe that you can BUY your way out of a case? This lie only costs you more money.  You need an attorney who is honest with you.  

DIVORCES ARE TOO EXPENSIVE: For the most part, you determine how much you spend on a divorce.   Most lawyers charge an hourly fee. If you want a simple divorce and all parties agree, the fee is reasonable.  But if you want to make your spouse PAY for your suffering, it costs! I can do nice or nasty - it's your dime.  I never prolong a case to get paid more. I like to move forward and allow my clients to do the same. But if you want a fight, I'm good at that!

PROBATION IS A SET UP!.  Not necessarily so.  You know if you are able to complete probation.  If you know that you won't stop certain habits, then probation is not for you. However, it is very important to discuss how a conviction will affect your ability to get a job, graduate from college and sit for certain licenses.  Before you say no to probation, weigh your options!

THE MORE YOU GET, THE MORE I GET:  TRUE STATEMENT.  I want the best outcome for you because the best outcome for you equals the best outcome for me.  Remember this.
LOVE YOUR LAWYER!: This is my 24th year as a trial lawyer!!  The reason I became an attorney remains the same -- to help people.  People don't pick a certain profession to become a liar, a cheat, or a dishonest person.  It's unfair to characterize ALL attorneys as "greedy". Every day, a lawyer does something to make your life a little better.  LOVE YOUR LAWYER!!!